Market Research-Survey Kolkata

ABC’s of Market Research

Are you trying to acquire feedbacks about your services and products among your potential customers? Are you trying to discover your target market? The recent advances in digital technology have helped potential customers to gain access to companies that satisfy their demands. This has led the companies to become aware of the demands of their […]

IT focuses on B-Town

  Different sectors of business have been investing their black money on the entertainment industry, which has, over time, caught the attention of the income tax department. The IT department of India has plans to send above seven lakhs income tax notice of high values to more prominent names of the Bollywood industry. Undone dues […]

Cryptocurrency: Power to Individual Investors

“Cryptocurrency” is a digitally availed currency. It uses cryptographic methods for security purposes to avoid forging. Individuals often access public and private keys for currency transfer. Cryptocurrency is a proclaimed and mandates currency with very less government interference. Users should have consent about their usage and then can agree on this currency as a medium […]