At Legacy Research Solutions, we provide our clients with an effective yet speedy copyright registration service so that creations can be protected against any and all sorts of misuse and infringement. The services offered by us have been specifically designed to ensure that our services are low cost. However, we offer the best possible evidence so that clients are able to protect their work as well as their rights in the best manner available.

The key factor that separates us from the rest of the competitors is we educate our clients to the maximum extent possible. In fact, this happens to be one of the key goals while dealing with cases related to copyright registration. We make it a point that there is no gap in our approach.

Hence, we always keep our clients informed and try to raise their level of awareness as well. Our client management unit extends support to clients by covering factsheets so that they are educated on a range of aspects concerning intellectual property. This helps the clients a lot to understand what is going on and how things will proceed in the days to come.

During this phase, the intellectual property aspects that are discussed with the client include copyright law, advice on ways and methods to protect work, interpretation, and use of notices concerning copyright, what are the ways available to deal with infringement of any copyright stuff or plagiarism and so on.

Based on the nature of the work, specific advice is extended to clients based on whether they are artists, writers, musicians, designers or whatever.

We have an evaluation team who would first analyse the details of the case so that the client can be updated whether a copyright registration would be possible or not. Our quick yet easy process would then let the client know within what time the whole process would be completed and whether there is any complexity involved or not.

We have been in this field for long and have extended our services to many. Thus, this makes us a market leader. We have gained the trust of individuals as well as agencies who deal with creative work. Over the years, they have acknowledged that the process we follow and the standard that we have mentioned are unrivalled. We have been able to sustain this since we provide the strongest available evidence and the best possible service.

The second layer of services includes extending advice to solicitors as well as other agents who might be involved in the process on behalf of the client (as applicable). Therefore, clients simply get the updates of how things are progressing and they are not required to be involved much.

At Legacy Research Solutions, we stress a lot on what steps have been followed for a particular copyright registration request so that it is easier to establish a right or speed up the case proceedings and reduce the cost involved in case of any future dispute or plagiarism.

Therefore, in order to register any design, creative work or project or content, we are always around to assist.

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