If you are looking to protect a new design or would like to have some advice on an existing design that has been registered already, Legacy Research Solutions will be happy to assist you in every possible way. We happen to be an experienced and skilled company dealing with all types of filing. We have also considerable expertise in managing as well as enforcing registered designs throughout the country.

The first thing that we would prefer to share is that there exists a big difference between the process of patenting and design registration. Unlike in patents and trademarks, there are no cross-checks done when it comes to designs. Rather, the application submitted for the design is simply rubber-stamped and kept in the records. It is then up to someone to challenge the filing.

It sounds quite simple, isn’t it? Well, actually it is the other way round. The process of a design registration is quite complex. On top, this is an aspect which is not just kind of a mystery for a few but is misunderstood to a great extent as well. And, this is the very reason why professional help in this regard is necessary and that’s where we come into the picture. No matter what sort of help you might be needing with registering designs, we ensure that we de-stress everything for you right from registering to contesting designs.

Our prime objective is to give you peace of mind and assist you in all possible ways so that you are able to maximize the commercial value of your creation. Now, the most important aspect – How exactly can we help you with registering a design?

Going by the context of intellectual property, the design of something is usually referred to as the shape or the ornamentation associated with it. Although there is variation in the exact definition since a lot depends on the kind of protection being sought. But, broadly the design of a product is directly concerned with the appearance of that product and there is hardly anything to do with either the technicalities of the product or the operating principle.

Our focus is that you should not worry about these things and you should simply continue with the business that you are handling. Whatever needs to be done regarding the designs will be the responsibility of Legacy Research Solutions.

We can also assist you in simplifying the portfolio management process. We can look into all aspects related to portfolio administration so that the commercial value is maximized. Our approach is holistic when it comes to activities such as:

  • Design Registration.
  • Design Application.
  • Enforcement of the designs.
  • Unregistered design rights.
  • Any strategic effect of your designs.

We offer an aggressive design portfolio management facility to counter the challenges that come up while managing a large portfolio. For this, we have a trusted team of subject matter experts and professionals who can immediately look into your needs and suggest an appropriate step. No matter what sort of support or help is required regarding design and management, we are always around to help.

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