It is now compulsory for all organizations having 10 or more employees to have ESI registration. In the case of companies that are having more than 20 employees, registration needs to be done with the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization). These formalities are now compulsory and are a must for all the eligible organizations. Those who comply with these requirements are considered to be genuine.

The way business is becoming competitive with each passing day, it is becoming cumbersome for organizations to apply and maintain these formalities. Therefore, there is an urgent need to outsource these services.

At Legacy Research Solutions, there are experts who have exposure to various spheres of business and have the ability to deliver valuable services at the best possible rate. These experts are pretty diligent when it comes to handling services such as ESI and PF.

The exact amount is calculated and accordingly whatever returns are to be filed or amount to be deposited are done. Special attention is given to ensure that everything is completed well within the permissible deadline. Therefore, the compliance guideline is followed by us on every single occasion.

We are a leading firm in the market when it comes to such types of services and signing a contract with us would ensure that the overall productivity of the firm is elevated.

We are among those agencies that have the highest satisfied clients. We are adequately proficient to extend employee management services using an array of modern systems and the latest technology that are in accordance with the permissible law of the land.

Our team is not well trained and updated but they also have profound knowledge to be an expert in this field. Not just a talented team, we have the required infrastructure that covers all the requirements for extending these services.

The best thing about us is the stability of our team. Each of the members has been around for long and we have been providing these services for many years now. As a result, a lot of clients have confidence in us.

Depending on the need of the client, we are also able to extend tailor-made solutions. This enables the various businesses to pick the services as per their particular need.

Our base of clients has been formed mostly out of referrals. We consider this to be the biggest compliment as well as our strength. This is also symbolic of the level of our commitment and standard of work.

Here at Legacy Research Solutions, we strongly believe that the modern client prefers personalized service combined with the optimum use of technology and tools. Hence, we too focus on the same and leave no stone unturned to ensure that we deliver this unique blend to our clients.

We have promised to ourselves that we would continue to deliver value-added services at the most reasonable cost. We are very strict regarding the safeguard of information and have appropriate systems to ensure that data is kept confidential at all times.

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