Social Media Marketing Internship

Posted 4 months ago

About the work from home Internship

Selected intern’s day-to-day responsibilities include:

1. Working on social media marketing (working with various social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc./Handling all social media platforms and promoting the company’s services)
2. Handling promotions, proposal writing, and website content
3. Helping in brand outreach
4. Working on lead generation
5. Executing marketing campaigns
6. Writing good mailers
7. Learning and executing various digital marketing techniques suggested by the core team
8. Performing social media research
9. Working on content development
10. Developing and implementing effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies
11. Managing offsite and onsite optimization projects and reporting on performance
12. Mapping out a comprehensive social media marketing plan
13. Monitoring trends in social media tools, channels, design & strategy
14. Growing our Linkedin & Quora presence substantially – followers, subscribers, likes, comments, upvotes, etc.
15. Designing and creating outstanding LinkedIn posts and Quora answers that are shareable and searchable #tags, titles, keyword optimization, etc.
16. Creating unique content on given topics for websites, social media, forums, etc.

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