For those who are looking to study abroad, Australia could be one of the options they can go for. It happens to be among the top 5 destinations for students who want to pursue an MBA degree abroad. From India (including Kolkata), thousands of students go to Australia for studies. These days right after graduation, students look for an MBA so that it can help boost their career. Quite obvious, students would prefer doing it from somewhere so that they can be ahead in the league. It also helps in providing a head start in the career. However, the major challenge or the dilemma faced is the application process for admission to abroad universities.

Why Australia?

Before moving on to understand the admission process and other related aspects, let us first find out why people prefer Australia. The quality of the education provided is unmatched as compared to any other place in the world. There are extensive opportunities for high-end research. Also, the career prospect is among the best. Therefore, as on date, Australia is a hot favourite destination for MBA aspirants from around the globe. On top, the Visa process and the policy for Australia happen to be pretty favourable.

The various steps or the procedure to be followed for studying MBA in Australia are:

Selection of the right university

This is the first step an aspirant will have to take for enrolling in an MBA course. We assist the aspirant by keeping in mind the specialization. This is a top priority since in the end the department or the branch would matter the most.

Duration of the application process

Another important aspect is the time duration for completing the admission process right from the beginning till the end. For Australia, the duration is around 10 to 12 months.

The time of applying

For the admission, there are two major intake windows. The first one is in the month of February and the second window is in the month of July. Apart from these two, admissions happen in the month of November as well. However, this applies only to a few Australian universities.

Keeping an eye on the deadline

Post selecting the university, we recommend that individual timetables must be checked. This will help to prepare the application package in the meantime.

Checking out the eligibility

As a thumb rule, a 3-year bachelor’s degree is enough to qualify for an MBA course in Australia. However, there is another aspect which is equally important, and it is usually referred to as the NOOSR (National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition) List. According to this, the recognition or the reputation of a foreign education setup could be a concern. In this process, the credential of the education of the applicant is compared against the system that exists in Australia. This service can be availed for a fee, and the evaluation is conducted by the Australian government. The Australian Education International – NOOSR might extend up to 3 months.


Last but not least would be the cost of the program. We recommend comparing the value of the different universities for an informed decision.

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