Legacy Research Solutions is among those rare places that offer a straightforward approach to stock research. Within no time, we realized that in order to get the maximum benefit in stocks, guesswork needs to be eliminated. And, we did so the moment we realized this during our initial days. What we offer is a rating along with an analysis of stock and portfolio for both individuals as well as business investors.

Our prime focus is to inject the concept of factor-based investing by transforming the tradition thinking completely. This is evident from the results that we have been able to generate.

Right from day one, we wanted to offer people especially those who are time-poor with something reliable. After a lot of hard work, we came up with a system that is now able to save long hours of research time thereby enabling our clients to invest in a disciplined way. That further helps to boost the confidence of the investors that whatever they are putting in will never go down the drain.

Since quite some time, it was presumed that the driving factors in investing are a highly guarded secret. Well, not anymore. The three most influencing factors are – quality, value and momentum. At our end, we initially come up with a rank of every major stock in the market as per the above factors. This concept of ranking is the most important aspect of our approach. And, we can vouch that the way we do it is hard to find elsewhere. The ranking is basically a guide so that it is easy to figure out what should be the focus and what is worth investing in. It also provides reasons strong enough to ignore the dross.

What we primarily deal with are statistical indicators that show the trend of improvement over a period of time. The way we have designed our process, there is very low that a potential opportunity might get overlooked. Our team of highly specialized analysts sees to it that every effort has been given to prepare the reports. The analysts are experienced enough to resolve almost anything from a simple query and going up to a complicated data analysis.

The basis of our success is easy and anytime availability so that clients feel comfortable to work with us. In the long run, this helps to develop strategies fast. We understand that there can be nothing worse than being left on own to figure out something that is either new or not so easy to understand. Therefore, we never let that happen. Rather, we are always eager to help those who might have been betrayed elsewhere.

We safeguard the interests of our clients by keeping ourselves competent all the time. For this, we are into intensive learning all the time. What we learn includes information on investments as well as calculations. Our clients love us since whatever we provide is always supported by relevant data. Quite obvious that we score high on quality and timeliness.

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