Legacy Research Solutions in all matters pertaining to the registration of the trademark. Our experts are capable of conducting trademark searches and accordingly extent the best possible advice for the successful registration of the trademark.

Our aim is to conduct a thorough background check followed by research so that top-quality advice can be given for the registration. Also, the reasonable fixed cost ensures that the process is as affordable as it can be. For us, it hardly matters what business our clients might be dealing with. We are focussed on just one thing – to provide the most simple solution.

Usually, people think of the trademark formality as something which is pretty daunting. However, we manage everything in such a way that things look as easy as it can be without involving much time. This applies to each and every case involving the protection of brand names.

Whenever we get a case, we refer the data as provided in the official database using the latest tools. The experts and attorneys who work on the cases have years of experience in the trademark. Upon receiving the request for a trademark application, our team initially conducts a study to determine whether it is possible to go for registration or not.

If it is found that a trademark can be filed then again an evaluation is done to check if any adjustment would be needed or not so that it becomes acceptable.

In case our experts advise that the trademark request qualifies for registration and thereafter if the application gets rejected, the legal fees paid to us will be refunded in that case.

In this regard, our experts may advise there might be potential problems in case it is found that exists complications with respect to the trademark law; or a prior trademark poses a threat or there exists a possibility of an objection by a third party. Still, if it is decided to proceed with the application then all possible support would be extended from our end to cover objections that might arise.

However, in such a case the guarantee of the refund would not be applicable in case the request gets rejected. Also, there might be some additional costs involved in connection with overcoming the objections as per the situation.

Here at Legacy Research Solutions, we strive that our pricing is the most reasonable with respect to the service being rendered. The best thing about us is there are no hidden costs. Whatever is chargeable is shared before the final confirmation. The calculation would be explained by the experts in a very easy and understandable manner.

The services extended would include preparation of the application, filing of the application, notification, and registration and sending the certificate to the preferred address. Also, if it is found that few more activities are necessary like notifying the important deadlines, the extension of protection and reminding the renewal deadline; the same would be executed from our end to ensure that you enough time to decide and respond.

The biggest benefit with us is we are always available to address any query at any point in time. So far, we have had a success rate of 99.5%.

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