At Legacy Research Solutions, transcription services are extended to professionals of various domains. We make it it a point to stretch beyond the usual market standard so that the reputation of our clients is maintained. 

The focus is not on the transcription of a recording at the earliest, rather an effort is made to ensure the work we deliver can be considered as an account that our clients can completely reply on. The final document that would be handed over to the client will have the complete text as per the audio.

At our end, the experts who work here have an extremely tuned ear for even those recordings that might be labelled as highly complex by others. Our experts have excellent command over the language. If needed, they would love to research on specific terminologies to ensure that the output is no less than perfect.

Right from the day we started off, we had a very clear vision that our priority would be quality above all. This would be closely followed by diligence towards work so that the work that we deliver are absolutely accurate on all occasions. 

It might sound a bit unfamiliar, in fact even unbelievable but it is  a fact that so far re-work on projects have been less than 1% that we have done till date. This is a good enough reason (for us) to believe that whoever has used our service is bound to come back to us again. In fact, we are so confident on this that we can bet on this.

So far, we have worked for numerous clients who were both domestic as well as foreign and hence we have evolved to become a trusted service provider. This is evident from the warm testimonials and praises that we get post completion of a particular work. 

And, to maintain this we are strict when it comes to employing people who would be doing the transcription work. Our clients appreciate our focus and approach and we too stress on the same while closing people.

We completely understand that it becomes difficult at times for clients to figure out what exactly to look for while selecting a service provider. Therefore, in order to ensure that we are fair to our clients, we have a pretty simple policy – pricing as per the standard of the work. 

From the experience that we have gathered so far this, we believe this is a way that would work out well at both ends. After all, transcription happens to be a service based job and the price with respect to the level of the service varies a lot. 

However, to maintain a standard we follow the practice of transcribing the work followed by editing as well as proofreading of the same.

The moment we have a new client on board, we first share the details of our project management process. This facilities both of us to be on the same and all times. Because of this, our relation with our clients goes smooth without any hitch.

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